2015-16 K-12 Science Counseling Initiatives

6-12 Science Teachers Social Hour (August 28, 2015)
Hosted an evening at Beef O’Bradys for science teachers (nine attended) to share the ways in which TSS and BLAST can support fall science fair projects

  • Promoted matching students with research scientists (available at Lake Ella Science Saturday event) to help students form testable questions
  • Presented teachers with techniques for easier handling of science fair forms (ISEF forms) and paperwork
  • Promoted networking among science teachers

3rd Annual Science Saturday at Lake Ella Festival (October 3, 2015)

  • Partnered with Mag Lab research scientists and FSU graduate students (and redesigned TSS banner) so that students could come and “Ask a Scientist” a question about their science fair project (and how to form a testable hypothesis)
  • Recruited five additional volunteers (all graduate-level FSU science students) who manned our TSS table at Lake Ella and continued to volunteer at events throughout the year

Coordinated these volunteers to assist with the following efforts:

  • 2016 Annual Capital Regional Science and Engineering Fair for middle and high school students (Feb. 12, 2016)
  • School-based science fairs (promoted through BLAST and through direct contact with schools) Fall 2015
  • Mag Lab Open House (February, 2016)
  • FASS Conference (Oct. 22-24)

Florida Association of Science Teachers Annual Conference (October 22-24, 2015) / Conference Organizer: Dr. Jonathan Keener, Director Mathematics, Science and STEM Programs in the Florida Department of Education

  • Provided a list of science and nature-based local sites with contacts, directions, and descriptions. Many of these were sites that conference participants visited in groups, as part of conference program

TSS Horizon Series
Students and family members were issued free tickets to attend the following 2016 TSS Horizon presentations:

  • Deep Science: Secret Lives of Groupers / Tallahassee School of Math and Sciences Charter School
  • Wheels on Mars: the Adventures and Discoveries of Mars Rover / SAIL High School
  • The Amazing Swarm: How Honey Bees get Smart / Lincoln High School (2 students)
  • Wright Brothers Revisited: Climbing Aloft the A.I. Wing (Opened up to all students and science teachers)